Meeting with the Mayor

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SBCRA committee had a meeting with Lane Cove Mayor Andrew Zbik in June 2022

This a summary of DA  issues

            -a DA which conforms to the regulations is submitted and approved with minimal fuss
– within a few months amendments are requested which increases the height of the building.These are called section 4.6 ammendments. This greatly increases the developers profit on the project

– The developments are then referred to the an Independent Planning  Panel. They are only allowed to deal with issues that pertain to the particular development. It’s as if they were operating in the middle of a desert.

This has created a disastrously overcrowded precinct. For example the traffic in the area is already becoming unmanageable. When all the developments mentioned are occupied, we will have a nightmare on our hands.
The narrow roads( 7m wide) were never designed to take the increasing traffic created



  1. The Failure of Development Controls in the Mowbray Precinct.

Andrew Zbik said that Lane Cove Council, and the NSW State Government had acknowledged that the rezoning of the Mowbray precinct had resulted in numerous failures of control. In particular the use of sections 4.55 and 4.6 devices that allowed developers to increase heights of buildings.

The Mayor  stated that in view of precedents already set there was little that could be done about the situation, also acknowledging that the resulting overdevelopment of the area was resulting in overcrowding, overshadowing of E4 zoned properties in the area and poor traffic outcomes, as was stated in the SBCRA briefing note.

The Mayor also told the committee that reflecting on the poor outcomes in the Mowbray Precinct , that in the St Leonards South development, Lane Cove Council had managed to eliminate the use of section 4.6 amendments to developments.


Geoff Graham also raised the issue of Affordable Housing. He stated that the two boarding house approvals in Mindarie Street, which were based on providing affordable housing were nothing of the sort. They were being promoted as mini-hotels.

Andrew Zbik stated that in a couple of developments that had been approved (namely 150 Epping Road and one other) that Lane Cove Council were the owners of some 43 units of affordable housing.


There was also a discussion regarding the value of the ‘Independent Local Planning Panel’, which rarely refuse developments.

The panel is apparently a requirement of the NSW State Government. Lane Cove Council has no option but to comply

It was stated  that when Lane Cove Council were able to approve/disapprove developments the outcomes as far as the community was concerned was more favourable. It should be noted that Councillors have no direct input to approval  of DA’s. Approvals either depend on Councils Planning Department or the various panels.

On a  positive note the Mayor reported that in view of the large amount of housing that had been provided in Lane Cove over past years, The Greater Sydney Commission had determined that THERE WAS NO REQUIREMENT FOR ANY FURTHER REZONINGS IN THE LANE COVE LGA UNTIL 2036. The understanding is the State government agrees with this.