Meeting with Mayor 2 Girraween park planning

Posted: July 7th, 2022 | Filed under: Uncategorized
  1. The development of Girraween Park.

SBCRA’s concern with this possible development is that with the precedents set. Despite Lane Cove Council providing guidelines relating to this development it was likely that this site would also suffer from overdevelopment and that the four houses on Kullah Parade to the south of the development would  be overshadowed. The owners of the four properties concerned would then have a case for rezoning their properties R4 and if this occurred then all the owners of properties on Kullah Parade would make similar claims.

The answer to this is  Lane Cove Council has no need to institute any rezonings until 2036.  They have rejected all recent requests for rezonings and this situation would apply to any rezoning requests for Kullah Parade.

It should also be noted that an APZ of 60 metres is applicable for developments on Kullah Parade.

Tree covered area in image is Girraween Park