15 CENTENNIAL AVENUE- Rubble beside the river

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You may have noticed a large pile of rubble in 15 Centennial Avenue. The site 15 Centennial Avenue was the  subject of a negotiations with Council, that resulted in concessions for the developer in exchange for the land  To all intents and purposes the property now belongs to the Community. It is planned it will be added to the creek side reserve














Michael Mason ( from Lane Cove Council ) called  to report that he has investigated the large excavation pile on 15 Centennial Ave.

He spoke with the contractor (HYCORP)

  • The pile of rubble comes from work being conducted by Sydney Water to put in a new man hole in the area
  • Apparently it was needed to be done to get machinery in to do the works
  • Michael has requested a clean-up strategy, including an immediate action plan of how they are planning to restore the area.

He will keeps us informed about what is going to happen next.

Win Chandler

Committee SBCRA