Excavation time reduced but not working hours

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Lane Cove Councillors considered a report by Council staff on Saturday building and construction hours in the Mowbray Precinct at their May Council meeting.

This report was produced as a request by some Councillors concerned about the the extensive development potential of the Precinct, and the impact of demolition and excavation works to date.

Even though surrounding Councils have reduced working hours on a Saturday and many residents spoke at the Council meeting highlighting the impact of the noise from the development sites, Lane Cove Councillors voted to retain the extended Saturday working hours in the Mowbray Precinct, but restrict excavation, haulage truck movements, rock picking, jack-hammering and pile driving.

The North Shore Times 2 June edition includes a report on resident pleas and concerns regarding this issue  http://north-shore-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/hyecorp-property-group-lane-cove-council-mowbray-rd-gordon-crescent-megan-agnew/

It also invites residents to comment on the article outlining their experiences.

JRPP refuses $47m development

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The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) assessed and refused Hyecorp’s $47 million development application for Centennial Ave and Gordon Crescent properties at  Lane Cove Council Chambers on Thursday 17 May based on

  • Non compliance with the LEP height standard
  • Excavation of the site below the existing ground leve resulting in reduced amenity to a substantial number of units
  • Inadequate building separations

The Panel was mindful of difficulties in developing the site due to its topography. Development is possible on this site, however it may need to be at a reduced density then what was proposed in Hyecorp’s development application.

This has been the largest development application to be submitted in the Mowbray Precinct to date.  Hyecorp’s unsuccessful development application included the demolition of 11 houses and the construction of three residential flat buildings incorporating 186 dwellings, a shop and basement car park for 295 cars. Full details can be read in the minutes of the meeting on the JRPP website http://www.jrpp.nsw.gov.au/DevelopmentRegister/tabid/62/ctl/view/mid/424/JRPP_ID/940/language/en-AU/Default.aspx



Say high to Lane Cove Council’s backflip

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The North Shore Times has reported on Lane Cove Council’s 16 April Council meeting where the majority of the Councillors voted to endorse the zoning of the Mowbray Precinct as high density, with a few minor exceptions.

Read more. http://north-shore-times.whereilive.com.au/news/comments/say-high-to-lane-cove-councils-backflip/

High density zoning to remain in Mowbray Precinct

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Lane Cove Councillors in their meeting of 16 April endorsed the proposed amendments to the 2009 Local Environment Plan (LEP) for the Mowbray Precinct with only a few minor amendments.

The majority of the Councillors voted to retain the R4 high denisty zoning in the Mowbray Precinct. The only exception Council has made from high denisty zoning in the Precinct are:

  1. A small area of the bushland streets of Kullah Pde, Pinaroo and Merinda Streets.  Council has zoned this area E4 Environment Living, due to large Asset Protection Zones (the set back required due to the bushfire prone area) precluding high density developments on these sites.
  2. A small section of Mindarie St directly above Kullah Pde. Council has zoned this area as E4 Enviromental Living to keep a dedicated ‘precinct’ of E4 zoning and alleviate the impacts of amenity loss on the single dwellings of Kullah Pde. Read the rest of this entry »