Mowbray Precinct Working Party

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Council has appointed eight local residents to join the West Ward Councillors and Council staff in a working party that will address issues relating to the Mowbray Precinct’s transition during the current and future development of properties and infrastructure in the area.

The Committee will

  • provide input and feedback on amenity, environmental and other issues during the period of intensifying development
  • provide input and feedback on infrastructure planning; and
  • contribute ideas for the enhancement of a sense of community for the current and changing population, including proposed open space and a potential community centre

Residents appointed to this working party include:  Guy Hallowes, Deborah Hill, Ann Proudfoot, Mark Joyner, Kylie Bryden-Smith, Frances Vissel, Brian McDonald and Elizabeth McDougal.

New Working Hours in the Mowbray Precinct

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Council voted unanimously to reduce the Saturday working hours in the Mowbray Precinct at their meeting on 18 March.

There was a very strong message given to the Councillors by the community about the impact of the construction noise and the limited respite (1 day) for residents living in the area and around the Mowbray Precinct developments.

The Saturday building working hours for any new development approvals are now 8am to 12 noon on Saturday, in line with Willoughby Council’s Saturday working hours.

Unfortunately this is not retrospective and only applies to new developments that are yet to be approved.

Had the previous Council had the same empathy to the situation when we requested the same reduction last year, some of the newer approvals would have come under the ruling.

It could be a few years before we have our peaceful Saturday afternoons back. But better to get this now as we have a lot more developments still go!

Read North Shore Times article on this matter

Successful Clean up Australia Day

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All the recyclables found on Clean Up Australia Day

SBCRA and Lane Cove West Residents Association joined forces for Clean up Australia Day on 3 March.

We had 32 enthusiastic volunteers who helped clean up in the bushland areas surrounding Stringy Bark Creek, Batten Reserve, Moore St, Hands Quarry and along the bushland corridor as far as the old Shell Petrol Station on Epping Rd.
The amount of rubbish collected was extensive including takeaway coffee cups, hundreds of plastic bags, items of clothing and shoes, snack wrappers, cigarette packets and lighters, a television set,  car wheel rims, shopping trolleys and kids toys.
This year we concentrated on counting the recyclables which included 278 plastic bottles, 265 aluminimum cans, 163 glass containers – a total of 706 recyclables.  Have a look at what we collected in these photos.

Mowbray Precinct Development Control Plan

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The Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Mowbray Precinct also came into effect early 2013.

This is an important document as it complements the Local Environment Plan (LEP) and has new conditions including maximum number of storeys that may be accommodated with the height limits, a minimum 40% deep soil landscaping area, and revised setback conditions.

This DCP is entitled Locality Plan 6 and can be found in Part C – Residential Locailities of the Lane Cove Development Control Plan


Mowbray Precinct LEP Gazetted

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The Amended Mowbray Precinct LEP was finally gazetted in early 2013.

The maps showing the zoning, floor space ratios, heights of buildings and lot sizes can be accessed on the following weblinks.

Land zoning map:

Floor Space Ratio map:

Height of Buildings map:

Lot size map:

The outcome is in accordance with the Council resolution of 15 October 2012