Willoughby Council supports Lane Cove Council’s down-zoning campaign

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Residents have urged Willoughby Council to become involved in the Mowbray Precinct issue, due to their concerns about resident safety, conjestion on the local road network, and environmental impacts from the proposed 2,500 flats in the area.  Willoughby Council has heard the residents’ concerns and has told them they are supporting Lane Cove Council’s down-zoning proposal.

Read more in North Shore Time 25 May:


Mowbray Precinct DA’s refused due to fire risk and Batten Reserve impacts

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The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP)  unanimously refused three Mowbray Precinct development applications last night due to the lack of expert opinion available to satisfy the JRPP that the road network could cope with the increased density of population in the case of a bushfire evacuation, and the lack of impact studies on the flora and fauna of the Batten Reserve.

See NST articles:  http://north-shore-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/panel-refuses-das-says-fire-risk-unacceptable-in-mowbray-rd-precinct/ and


Comprehensive traffic study of Mowbray Precinct is underway

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Lane Cove Council Council has met with the Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DoPI) and a comprehensive traffic study of the Mowbray Road precinct is underway.  The study will examine, amongst other issues, the potential impacts and constraints to traffic in a fire emergency. 

More info on Lane Cove Council’s website, see update 25 May: http://www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au/Living%20in%20the%20Area/News/News.htm

Also NST article 12 May: http://north-shore-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/fire-fear-allayed/

Sample letter for downzoning

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We have developed a sample letter which you can use as a basis for writing your own letters to support the downzoning of the Mowbray Precinct.

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