Department of Planning’s response re: LEP Finalisation

Posted: October 29th, 2012 | Filed under: Announcements, Current Issues, Mowbray Precinct
Lane Cove Council considered the Department of Planning’s response regarding the finalisation of the Mowbray Precinct at their meeting on 15 October.
You will recall that on 16 April this year, Council endorsed the exhibited LEP for the Mowbray Precinct but adopted amendments to three particular sites from the exhibited LEP
  • To re-zone 46-60 Gordon Crescent from single dwelling to R4 high density
  • To re-zone 15 Centennial Ave from single dwelling to R4 high density
  • To re-zone 8-14 Mindarie St from R4 high density to single dwelling
The Department of Planning, in a letter to Council on 28 September, recommended the LEP be gazetted in accordance with the LEP public exhibition that occured from January-March 2012, i.e withouth the above amendments.  The Council discussed these proposed changes with the Department and they agreed to allow to all three sites to be zoned R4 high density.
The Councillors discussed this zoning in their meeting of 15 Ocotber and the following is the resolution as noted in the Council minutes
RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Bennison and Brooks-Horn that:-
1. Council request the Department to finalise the LEP 2009 amendment in general accordance with the version exhibited from January to March 2012 and the draft documents and maps provided to Council on 28 September 2012 with the inclusion of Nos. 46-60 Gordon Crescent to be Residential R4 zoning and No. 15 Centennial Ave Residential R4 zoning, as per Council’s resolution of 16 April, 2012.
2. Consideration of the proposal to rezone 8-14 Mindarie St to Environmental Living E4 from Residential R4 be deferred to a workshop to consider further options.
3. Council’s resolution be included on Council’s website, the owners of 46-60 Gordon Crescent, 15 Centennial Ave and 8-14 Mindarie St be advised of Council’s resolution and the general community be notified following formal gazettal of the LEP amendment.
For the Motion were Councillors Brooks-Horn, Palmer, Brent, Cheong, Gold, Hutchens, Karpin, Strassberg and Bennison (Total 9). Against the Motion was Nil (Total 0).
  • The sites of 8-14 Mindarie St is to be the subject of a workshop Council is holding for Councillors on the issues surrounding the Mowbray Precinct and a decision on that item is pending.
  • The SBCRA made representation at the Council meeting as did many residents.
  • The common message from all the community was the need to resolve the finalisation and the gazettal of the LEP quickly as the community is crying out for certainty for their future.
  • We will provide further updates on the LEP gazettal and the Council’s workshop when we get them.