Mowbray Precinct DCP – Have your say

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Filed under: Announcements, Mowbray Precinct

The Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Mowbray Precinct is currently on display and Lane Cove Council is inviting residents to make comments and submissions.

The DCP is important as it acknowledges the special landscape character of the area including the proximity of the developments of the area to the Batten Reserve Bushland. It also recognises specific issues relating to amenity of residents and the need to provide appropriate transition between adjoining high and low density residential areas.

The draft development controls includes:

  • the maximums number of residental storeys relating to the LEP height level, 14.5m  – 4 storeys, 17.5m – 5 storeys (subject to the point below)
  • a recommended minimum deep soil area  of 40% of the site to be provided for residential flat buildings to enable planting and growth of mature trees
  • tree retention of the site to be encouraged
  • development applications at the interface between high and low density residential zone to demonstrate that the amenity of adjacent houses has been a design considereration eg. by stepping-down of buildings, inclusion of upper level setbacks, increased setbacks etc.
  • development applications are to be in character with the materials, finishes and design elements that are in harmony with the natural landscape and complementary to the bushland setting.

To review the full Council report and the Council Resolution

To have your say you can make a submission to the General Manager by:-  Post – Lane Cove Council, PO Box 20, Lane Cove NSW 1595;  Fax – 02 9911 3600; or Email:

Written submissions need to be received by Council until 6pm Wednesday 10 October 2012.  Please ensure you quote the reference “DCP Draft Amendment 4 – VA – SU4861” in your submission.