Strategic Review Complete

Posted: February 17th, 2012 | Filed under: Announcements, Current Issues, Mowbray Precinct

The Mowbray Rd Precinct Strategic Review conducted by Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoPI) and Lane Cove Council to inform the planning framework for the Precinct, is complete. The Council meeting of 5 December considered the report.

The report includes an overview of the Strategic Review Planning studies and recommendations with regard to a proposal for Lane Cove Council to submit to the LEP Gateway, including new zoning and floor space ratios for apartment blocks in the area.

As a result of the Strategic Review, the zoning and dwelling yield prediction in the Precinct is different from the LEP Gateway down-zoning proposal Council submitted in March 2011, including increasing the total number of dwellings in the Precinct to 1,197 (an increase of 763 from the March 2011 down-zoning proposal of 434).

The complete Strategic Review Studies:

  • The Strategic¬† Review Report prepared by the Project Control Group, including¬†representatives from DoPI and Lane Cove Council
  • JBA Planning Study + Appendices
  • SMEC Traffic Study

can be accessed here , Dept of Planning review