Powerful Owl Study – How you can help

Posted: July 15th, 2011 | Filed under: Announcements, General

Birds Australia is calling on the public to help locate and monitor breeding pairs of the Powerful Owl, Australia’s largest species of owl which are also listed as vulnerable in NSW.

The Powerful Owl is known to roost in the Batten Reserve and in backyards of Lane Cove North properties surrounding the bushland. It is about 55cm tall and characterised by its large yellow eyes, massive talons, white and grey-brown plumage and its distinctive deepĀ ‘whoo-hoo’ call.

To report a sighting or volunteer as an observor email birdsinbackyards@birdaustralia.com.au

For more information and an image of the Powerful Owl check out: http://www.birdsaustralia.com.au/our-projects/powerful-owl-wbc.html