SBCRA, now online!

Posted: April 13th, 2011 | Filed under: Announcements, General

The Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association has decided now is the time to get online. In doing so, we open up the channels of communication to all members of the community.

We have been motivated to take our voice online in specific response to the proposed redevelopment of the area North of Stringybark Creek (Mowbray Precinct). As an association committed to the protection and regeneration of bushland in this area, we are concerned not only for the welfare of bush and the Endangered and Threatened species within the Batten Reserve,  but also the safety and welfare of local residents.

By having our issues and voice broadcast over the internet, we hope to draw on the community at large to assist us in making our voice a loud one!

Following the links on the right to learn about the SBCRA, how to get involved and to read the latest news related to the Mowbray Precinct rezoning.


The SBCRA Committee