Mowbray Precinct LEP Gazetted

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The Amended Mowbray Precinct LEP was finally gazetted in early 2013.

The maps showing the zoning, floor space ratios, heights of buildings and lot sizes can be accessed on the following weblinks.

Land zoning map:

Floor Space Ratio map:

Height of Buildings map:

Lot size map:

The outcome is in accordance with the Council resolution of 15 October 2012


Council considering Mowbray DCP on 3 Dec meeting

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Lane Cove Council will be considering amendments to Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Mowbray Precinct with a view to finalise the DCP at 3 December Council meeting.

The proposed amendments result from the recent public exhibition of the Mowbray Precinct DCP and include

  • Additional objectives to deal with protection of the natural environment and the Batten Reserve from development impacts
  • Additional provision relating to building design for development applications that are on the interface between high and low density residential zones
  • Additional provision relating to building specifications in bushfire prone areas

To see the Council’s recommendation that will be considered at the 3 December meeting


Department of Planning’s response re: LEP Finalisation

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Lane Cove Council considered the Department of Planning’s response regarding the finalisation of the Mowbray Precinct at their meeting on 15 October.
You will recall that on 16 April this year, Council endorsed the exhibited LEP for the Mowbray Precinct but adopted amendments to three particular sites from the exhibited LEP
  • To re-zone 46-60 Gordon Crescent from single dwelling to R4 high density
  • To re-zone 15 Centennial Ave from single dwelling to R4 high density
  • To re-zone 8-14 Mindarie St from R4 high density to single dwelling
The Department of Planning, in a letter to Council on 28 September, recommended the LEP be gazetted in accordance with the LEP public exhibition that occured from January-March 2012, i.e withouth the above amendments.  The Council discussed these proposed changes with the Department and they agreed to allow to all three sites to be zoned R4 high density.
The Councillors discussed this zoning in their meeting of 15 Ocotber and the following is the resolution as noted in the Council minutes Read the rest of this entry »

NSW Govt Planning Review: Need help with your submission?

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The NSW Government’s Planning Review Green Paper is out for public consultation with comments, feedback and submissions due by 14 September 2012.

There are significant changes being proposed for our NSW planning system, some if they become law, may mean you may not find out about the development next door until the bulldozers arrives!

It is important that you make yourself aware of the proposed changes, and if you have concerns or suggestions to let the NSW Government know.

You can down load the Green Paper, make a submission, provide feedback or be involved in an online forum by going to

Helpful websites and links to background information and guides relating to public response to the  Green Paper include:

If you would like assistance in writing a submission follow the link below for a sample letter that you can use.  Make sure your response is in by 14 September. Read the rest of this entry »

150 Epping Rd Development Concept Approved

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The NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has approved a development concept consisting of 400 residential apartments, retail, commerical and community space, in a combination of six buildings including a 20 storey tower block at 150 Epping Rd.

The development is on the site of the Shell Petrol station on Epping Rd in the Lane Cove West Industrial Precinct.

Local residents groups, environmental groups and Lane Cove Council objected to the development due to the building height and design being out of character with Lane Cove, impacts on bushland and native flora and fauna, traffic issues, bushfire risks, and the lack of assessment of the local infrastructure to support a development of this size. Representatives from these groups spoke at a public hearing in June 2012.

Following this public meeting the PAC followed up some of the issues raised at the public meeting and sought input from the Rural Fire Service.  Subsequent amendments were made to the building designs to meet required Asset Protection Zones to minimise bushfire risk and impacts on the the local environment including flora and fauna.

The PAC has released at report date 14 August 2012, noting it is satsifed the Concept Plan for the 150 Epping Rd development should be approved subject to strict compliance with State Environmental Policy – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development (SEP  65) and subject to further assessment requirements for each project or DA submitted under the Concept Plan.

To read the full PAC’s report click here


Have your say NSW Government Planning Review

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The NSW Government has released its Green Paper on 14 July outlining its position and proposed approach to the overhaul of NSW planning laws and processes.

This important to everyone as it will guide how planning will be governed in the future, how development applications will be asssessed and reviewed and our rights as individuals and a community to ‘have a say’ in development in our area.

We don’t want a repeat of what happened with the planning process in the Mowbray Precinct – planning studies being conducted AFTER the area was re-zoned for high density and forced zoning onto the Council by the State Government.

The SBCRA is currently preparing our response to this Green Paper, you can too.

Have your say by sending a response to the government on the proposed planning changes. You can down load the Green Paper by going to

This document is open for public comment until Friday 14 September 2012.

Read more about the SBCRA’s involvement in the NSW Planning Review

Read the rest of this entry »

Trees wrongly removed from development site

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Two mature gums trees that were marked for retention have been removed from one of the development sites in the Mowbray Precinct.

Residents had alerted Council staff about the issue, however by the time the Council staff member inspected the site the following the day the trees were already gone.

The trees had contained birds nest and were an important food source and habitat for wildlife in the area.

The North Shore Times reported on the incident and invites residents to comment on their response to this matter


Excavation time reduced but not working hours

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Lane Cove Councillors considered a report by Council staff on Saturday building and construction hours in the Mowbray Precinct at their May Council meeting.

This report was produced as a request by some Councillors concerned about the the extensive development potential of the Precinct, and the impact of demolition and excavation works to date.

Even though surrounding Councils have reduced working hours on a Saturday and many residents spoke at the Council meeting highlighting the impact of the noise from the development sites, Lane Cove Councillors voted to retain the extended Saturday working hours in the Mowbray Precinct, but restrict excavation, haulage truck movements, rock picking, jack-hammering and pile driving.

The North Shore Times 2 June edition includes a report on resident pleas and concerns regarding this issue

It also invites residents to comment on the article outlining their experiences.

JRPP refuses $47m development

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The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) assessed and refused Hyecorp’s $47 million development application for Centennial Ave and Gordon Crescent properties at  Lane Cove Council Chambers on Thursday 17 May based on

  • Non compliance with the LEP height standard
  • Excavation of the site below the existing ground leve resulting in reduced amenity to a substantial number of units
  • Inadequate building separations

The Panel was mindful of difficulties in developing the site due to its topography. Development is possible on this site, however it may need to be at a reduced density then what was proposed in Hyecorp’s development application.

This has been the largest development application to be submitted in the Mowbray Precinct to date.  Hyecorp’s unsuccessful development application included the demolition of 11 houses and the construction of three residential flat buildings incorporating 186 dwellings, a shop and basement car park for 295 cars. Full details can be read in the minutes of the meeting on the JRPP website



Say high to Lane Cove Council’s backflip

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The North Shore Times has reported on Lane Cove Council’s 16 April Council meeting where the majority of the Councillors voted to endorse the zoning of the Mowbray Precinct as high density, with a few minor exceptions.

Read more.